misadventures in parenting|mum & b. life advice

It's recently come to my attention that B. and I are really quite similar in more ways than I ever knew. It wasn't until a friend told me that B. had informed her watching a movie without popcorn is "illegal" that I realised she has picked up so many things I say and do. Personally, I believe that the majority of things I've taught B, and that she's taught me, are pretty marvelous so, clearly, I had to share -- life advice from me & b.

1. Watching a movie without popcorn is {or should be} illegal. And you can't eat plain popcorn. That's stupid.
2. Having McDonald's for breakfast and McDonald's for dinner on the same day {while not recommended} is not the same thing and, therefore, is fine.
3. Having snuggles is part of getting ready for the day. Make time it for it.
4. Nutella in a jar with your very own personalised spoon is essential to life. Get some.
5. Bed is delicious. You need to respect your bed. Talk to it. Tell it you love it. Give it a hug every day.

Of course, there's plenty of other things that have obviously escaped my mind when most needed. But there's one more and it's the lamest, most important of all --

Remember you are kind, you are smart and you are important.

I remind B. of this all the time and, lately, she's taken to reminding me when I'm sad or mad or just because. Man, I love that kid. 


beauty buys|currently loving

I've currently been loving a completely bare face and have noticed such an improvement in my skin. But I don't think it's just going make up free that's improved my complexion. These two products have been such a skin saviour -- Jojoba Youth Potion and Pixi Glow Tonic

My face isn't big on oils. The majority cause break outs and make my face feel slimy. Considering I use them, mostly, at night and so close to bed that just doesn't work for me {eye masks and a slippery face do not go well together}. This Jojoba oil is different. I must admit that the words "youth potion" drew me in but when I tested the product on my hand it felt simply sublime. The product is sold as a multi-vitamin for skin. It's naturally rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E & F. It improves skin texture and gives a naturally radiant complexion.

What I've discovered -- it absorbs into skin quickly {but not too quickly} and leaves my face feeling moisturised and lush all day long {I've since started using it day and night}. I use it all over my face and neck and rub any excess into my cuticles and hands. There's a light, barely there, scent that doesn't irritate my skin or allergies {strong scents give me a migraine} and it has become one of those products that I actually enjoy using. Let's face it, sometimes skincare can be a chore but the Jojoba Youth Potion is not one of those products.


A few months ago I started having persistent breakouts on my chin. I attributed the majority of those to stress {being bullied by your boss will do that to you} but I wasn't going to let my face fall into a pattern. Not if I could help it anyway. I kept up with my double cleanse routine {see my fave product for the first step here} and it helped every area of my face aside from the right side of my chin. Dejected, I made a last ditch attempt and picked up the Pixi Glow Tonic from Adore Beauty and fell quickly in love.

Of course I'm naturally drawn to Pixi products because of Caroline Hirons but the Glow Tonic sells itself. It's an exfoliating acid toner which can sound scary {and, I must admit it frightened me a tad}. I imagined a liquid with scrubby beads in it. Perhaps, an acid that was too rough. But it's nothing like that. It's simply a smooth product {similar in texture to any cleansing water} that gently accelerates cell renewal to reveal a wonderful complexion.

What I've discovered -- it improves skin tone and reduces {or doesn't add to} the redness around my nose. I initially started using it day and night {on a cotton pad} and noticed the best improvement in my skin. Eventually, I figured only using it once a day wouldn't be so bad but the big differences stopped. My skin was maintained and looked better but not as good as before. So, I highly recommend, using it day and night. The product is free from alcohol so it doesn't dry it out. In fact, it leaves your face rather wonderfully hydrated and is perfection when followed with the Jojoba Youth Potion.


on selfishness

A small part of my morning routine is tapping on my Facebook app, selecting On this Day and deleting all the stupid crap I used to say when I was younger. Most of the ramble comes from me sad, angry, disappointed with the world and the people in mine. On how I viewed their actions as selfish. Selfish because someone didn't remember my Husband's birthday. Selfish because they didn't contact me until the night of mine. Selfish because I was depressed and hurting and nobody seemed to care. 

All of these things. And I'm embarrassed. Ashamed that I could be so selfish. Because I don't see the world that way anymore. I think it hit me when I was pregnant with B. Perhaps, even earlier, when I was getting married. I can't quite be sure. But I don't care to label people selfish anymore. That's not my place.

I don't care if people forget my birthday. Everyone is busy.

I don't care if people don't check in on my mental state. Everyone has their own shit.

When I am in pain I don't reach out to anybody. I used to think that people should just know. When your behaviour changes they should know, instantly, what's happening. They shouldn't. I know that there are some people out there who can only see themselves. I understand that some people really are selfish but I think, for the most part, people are just busy. They have families and friends and jobs and emotional scars we may never get to see. 

If someone isn't there for you it doesn't always mean they're rude or a bad person. If someone doesn't reach out when you need it the most it doesn't always mean they're selfish. Sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes you can't be a part of every moment of their's -- no matter how close you are.


just wait...

I've always detested the "just wait" kind of people. 

I love being a mum -- just wait until you have two kids!

I'm tired -- just wait until you become a mother!

I love my Husband -- just wait until you've been married for five years!

You know, those really lovely, fun people to be around. I've always despised them but I've now realised that they were right about one thing and it goes/went a little something like this --

My leg hurts -- just wait until you turn thirty! Then you'll really know what body pain feels like.

And when I heard this I rolled my eyes and thought nothing could really be that different because I've always had issues -- asthma, allergies, sciatica, slipped disc, all the mental health stuff. And I've always been easily susceptible to getting sick. I just assumed that being thirty wouldn't be that different. But I really, truly, think it is. Mostly because I've just recently returned from the doctor to hear of one more fucking issue to add to the list and I blame being thirty.

I don't mind getting older and I'm sick and tired of people making thirty into a big deal but -- I swear that turning that age has made my body even worse than usual. As if bodies have a switch that flicks as soon as you hit this supposed milestone. 

Why is that?


beauty|skin republic gold hydrogel sheet mask

Over the past few months I've become enamoured with sheet masks. Ideally I'd use them a few times a week and this gold version from Skin Republic has quickly become my favourite. 

Sure, you feel like C-3P0 when you wear it but it really, truly, actually works. It leaves your skin firmer and more radiant, reduces visible signs of aging and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The mask is infused with an anti aging serum {side note: I'm not big on the term anti aging because why wouldn't you want to look aged?}. It's rich in antioxidants, minerals and plant extracts which helps promote a firmer and radiant complexion.

But, lets be honest -- I really have no idea what all of that stuff means. I'm never going to so I can't even be bothered. All I know is it works and it works well and as vain as this is going to sound -- when I take the mask off I can't help but admire my face after. It always looks plump and hydrated, less worn out, just better. I feel like these masks are essential for every beauty stash so, go forth and all that jazz.

It also comes in an Under Eye Mask/Patch variation that comes in a 2 pack and retails for $12.99.

Also, is it just me or is resting while you have a sheet mask on the most exhausting thing in the entire world? 


being mum|at home

I've always adored school holidays and dreaded those hideous days before school went back. Ironing uniforms. Homework. Waking up early. Ugh. I kind of despise it all but, really, the thing I adore the most is having B. home and all to myself.

 Last week the back to school depression started to hit and I wasn't quite sure I could pull myself out of it. On Wednesday the depression had subsided into exhaustion which made way for fun with B. I finally got to remember just how much fun being at home, just her and I, is. We watched a movie {Trolls}, munched popcorn, played Wii U games, danced around to Go Noodle, had snuggles and, finally, listened to Disney songs while crafting. 

When life is busy I forget just how much fun being a mum is. I forget just how much I live for quiet days with nothing to do and nowhere to be. 

I think when you have depression and anxiety it's easy to tell yourself that everything is going to be horrible and that you're a terrible parent. And that morphs into believing that staying at home with nothing to do is the worst kind of torture but it's not. I'm thankful to have rediscovered my love for that stay-at-home goodness with my favourite person.


being mum|i'm a... mum?

The other day I was replying to an email from B. when it hit me, as I was signing off with love mum -- I'm a mother. Of course, I'm not completely mad. I didn't spend the past six and a bit years oblivious to the fact that I got fat and ripped open by a person who maintains she deliberately karate chopped my spine. I clearly knew I was a mum but... signing off that way felt weird for a minute or two.

Love Mum

Wait, what?

Oh... right

I never forget I'm a mum because B. is clearly the best thing in my world but sometimes it hits me at the strangest times and from the strangest things. As if I still feel weird that I'm thirty and my kid will be seven in June of this year. That I'm a mum and someone is still allowing this to happen. I don't know. It's weird. I still don't feel mature enough to be raising a child and certainly not a child with an affinity for sending sweet {and ridiculous} emails to her father and myself.

Because, seriously, who let that happen?