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What you need from Sephora Australia right now

I could have also titled this post: why you should always splurge on an eyelash curler because I truly believe that. My previous curler came from Nars and it lasted an outstanding 9 years. I decided to spend the $40 on it way back when after a particularly traumatising eyelash ripping incident. I swore off cheap eyelash curlers that day and never looked back.

After searching high and low for a new curler (the Nars needed to be retired) I decided on this black beauty from Dior. Number one: it's black. Number two: well, there is no number two I just liked the black. It's gorgeous, springy and curls well without pinching or tearing. It currently retails at Sephora Australia for $41 AUD which is actually pretty reasonable.

Also added to my bag?

  1. Ultra Violette's Queen Screen Luminising Sunscreen with an SPF of 50+. A lightweight sunscreen that adds a healthy (but not slick-y) glow to your skin and can double as a primer. I'd also suggest adding this as the last step of your routine on days you want to go makeup free - it's just that luminous.

  2. Sephora's very own Universal Lip Liner. It can look terrifying at first glance -- a white lip liner! But it's mostly transparent, leaving a very faint colour on your lips. It's designed to work with any lip colour to prevent bleeding and fading. This universal liner also contains Hyaluronic Acid to create that perfect lip. Using this, I find that my lip colour goes on much easier making it a cinch to get that perfect lip without any smudging or bleeding. At $14 it's perfectly priced to suit all budgets and is an absolute must for anyone who can't be bothered having a million different lip liners.

  3. This absolute miniature Dear Dahlia Velvet Lip Mousse six pack. I was surprised to find out just how bloody tiny these are. In all fairness the product does say 1ml. I clearly don't read things properly which always seems to bite me in the ass (I also should confess that I don't get sizes so 1ml means nothing to me). Saying that, I do think these would be perfect for travel. I also have high hopes that having these smaller-than-Stuart- Little lip products will mean I actually get to use a product, or six, up before they go bad. The sets come in a variety of different colours including: "Best Seller Collection", "Red", "Pink" -- which I opted for, and "Teddy Bare." I love a fuchsia lip more than I love chocolate for breakfast but I was craving some variety. Apply them for a light-weight barely-there feeling with colour that packs a mini-punch (and lasts wonderfully when paired with a universal liner). The colours are matte without any shine and they compliment the aforementioned Universal Lip Liner nicely. Now, would I buy this size again? Probably not. But the pack is affordable at $27 and is a genius way to try new colours without splurging on a bigger size. I also think these would make a perfect gift in a Christmas Advent or a stocking for that tween just getting into make up.

Beauty products are such a personal thing but I love to share my thoughts and picks. Also, I love to hear what you're loving and what you've hated. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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