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Underwear & Surgery

So, after 5 years of trying to get an insurance company to pay for surgery, and then being kicked off insurance because they can’t pay me anymore until I get surgery while, still, refusing to pay for the surgery I need, I have finally found someone who will cut my fucking face open. And when I heard those words I wanted to cry so badly. It was, quite honestly, the best moment I have experienced in the 5 years since I was physically and verbally abused at work.

But now I have the ultimate dilemma - what underwear do you wear when you go under?

Because I wear boylegs and they cost like $3 and, mostly, they’re loose and coming apart at the elastic but I refuse to replace them. They are comfortable and I love them.

But, surely, you can’t wear loose and torn underwear when you’re having surgery. Can you? But, do I go out a buy a cute pair of undies that are suitable for the public eye? The last time I had surgery I was 12 or 13 and I wasn’t thinking about my underwear much aside from the fact that my evil stepmother refused to buy me new underwear so I had to wear this weird knitted pair from some random friend of hers.

And I know the doctors don’t care what you wear but I can’t honestly wear the ultimate comfy pair, can I?

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