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Things I hate…

Okay, I hate a lot of things. A. Lot. Of. Things. The word just. Apologising for no reason - sorry for talking so much. Calling things a guilty pleasure. But most of all I despise the words — don’t judge me but…

Here’s why.

  1. Why would I judge you?

  2. Why would my opinion matter to you in the slightest?

I just don’t get it. If you like something other people think is corny why does their opinion factor in? Why does anybody else’s opinion factor in to anything you do in your life? I know it’s a glib statement but I feel like women especially make a lot of glib statements. We apologise when people get our name wrong. We apologise for talking in meetings. We apologise for breathing. We even apologise for liking the shows we like.

And why? Are you really concerned with what people think? Or do we say these things in case judgement happens to protect ourselves? Is it merely an attempt at being funny? Somebody tell me because I’m clueless.

I have no guilty pleasures because I don’t believe in them. I love reality TV. It makes me happy. I’ve taken just out of my vocabulary. I am no longer just checking on something. I don’t apologise for simply being. I no longer care about people’s opinions on what I weigh or what I wear or how people think I should parent or live or act as a married woman.

Sure, I could be reading too much into a simple don’t judge me, but — but, regardless, of the reason I just feel like we should stop saying it. All of us, not just the women. Everyone needs to start owning who they are and how they live and stop caring if people judge you because the only opinion that matters is your own.

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