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So, why did you get married?

Because I think monogamy is an outdated concept I have been asked many many times - why did you even get married?

And I’ve never really had an answer to that aside from I wanted to. Or I wanted a child and, for me, I didn’t want to have a child without being married first.

Then, after watching the Jurassic Park episode of How Movies Were Made I realised I first fell madly in love with that annoying-as-fuck man because he loved all the things I loved and our childhoods matched so wonderfully. And that was like a salve to that poor wounded child inside me.

He had freckles too so that helped.

What I’ve now come to realise is I like my Husband for the bits of myself I see in him so, really, I’m fucking myself which, when you think about is pretty fabulous because I’m amazing at it.

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