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Opinions | Holidays with Kids

Updated: Jan 26

I was going to label this series "unpopular opinions" but I've decided I hate that because I'm pretty sure we all live in a bubble where we hear one person say the opposite of what we believe and we decide that everyone feels that exact same way. Enough.

So... opinions on holidays with kids. I say "kids" but I have one kid and she's eleven and a half but I will be drawing from my "vast" {insert sarcasm} experience with parenting on this one so bear with me.

B. and I have always clicked. This is not to say that we don't, at times, detest each other because we do. Most of our fights are kind of like that episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai gets mad at Rory for wearing her sweater and stretching it because her boobs are "totally bigger". Stupid and we, or I, tend to resort to really bratty behaviour to piss the other person off.

Anyway, I have always enjoyed going away with B. Even when she was a baby because she always slept through the night {or in large 5-6 hour chunks} so it was never an exhaustion filled expedition. She's also really fun. I like doing things with her. She and I like to get pastries for breakfast - fuck your stupid cafe breakfast {ahem, Husband}. We like the beach. We like shopping.

All in all, we generally like the same things.

So, no, I do not agree that holidays with kids are exhausting. They are relaxing and fun and explorative and some of the best times of my life.

B. and I go away just her and I. We've cruised. Gone to Melbourne and Phillip Island where I didn't realise you had to rug up and she just hangs in there with me even though I'm sure she wants to fling me off a cliff. I always forget what room we're in. Always lose the room keys.

She gets annoyed that I want to go overseas when she only wants to travel Australia {I did promise her that last one so that's on me. Although Fiji, why not?!} She doesn't carry her own bags so I am "forced" to wheel two suitcases and carry two heavy bags, dropping them, while she comments about how slow I am. She doesn't like when I need a coffee break.

We're both really bad at sticking to a budget. Both love shopping and candy stores. Eating watermelon cut in triangles on the sand. Dancing on the beach as the sun goes down. Certainly glad to be home to our dogs and our beds and our showers by the end it but mostly, though, I think we even each other out. I am perpetually hopeless and she is... ???

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