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Let’s talk about abortion

I used to shy away from talking about things like abortion because they’re controversial. I’ve finally decided — fuck that — because talking about it is not fucking shameful. So let’s get into it.

I do actually struggle to see how this is even a thing. I do wonder why people care. Not about abortion being banned/outlawed because we need to care about that but about what a woman does with her body. Why is this an issue? It’s none of your fucking business.

I have never had an abortion. I don’t say this to be smug. It’s just fact. I have never needed to have one. I do believe life begins at conception. For me. Life begins at conception for me in my uterus. I don’t care what anybody else does. And shouldn’t that be the way it always is? I am not better than anyone for not having had one. I am not better because I believe life beings at conception. My Husband doesn’t necessarily agree with that last statement and we live happily together and there are no issues.

If you came up to me on the street and said you believe life begins once the baby is born I would say: okay and I’d go on happily with my day. Because what you do and what you believe has nothing to do with me. Nobody can make me unhappy or scared or sad by stating an opinion about their own body.

A woman has a right to choose. Nobody should have any say about what we do with our own bodies. Pregnancy is fun but it’s also fucking hard. Have a kid is fun but it’s also fucking hard. Why do people feel as though they can dictate what we do with our own bodies? I just don’t get it.

Should we spell it out simply? I am allowed to believe life begins at conception for me. I am allowed to state I don’t believe in having an abortion for me. I am also allowed to say that I say that last statement with rose coloured glasses on. I have never been in the position to need one so what the fuck do I know? And why can’t we all do that? Why can’t we all decide what’s best for us and ignore everyone else? Is that so fucking hard?

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