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How do you know when you’ve reached peek adult?

Every Monday evening Woolworths and Coles release their catalogues for the coming week. This means that Monday is my favourite day of the week. As soon as it hits 5:00 pm I get very excited to check the Woolworths app and the Coles website for their upcoming catalogues (Coles, you really need to lift your game). I adore grocery shopping. I adore buying my Husband and kid special treats at the grocery store. I adore adding different varieties of chocolate to my cart and being able to flick through an e-catalogue and add items to my cart is my idea of happiness.

It was at the moment I realised why Monday was my favourite day of the week that it dawned on me that this must be peek adulthood. Catalogues and grocery shopping make me feel like it’s Christmas. Don’t ask me why.

When did you realise you were officially an adult? Was it when you were outraged that the burgers at Five Guys were $20 a pop? When you refused to order Chinese for dinner and only eat it when there’s a lunch special? When grocery shopping felt like a fun outing? Please tell me that I’m not the only one who loves a grocery catalogue release.

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