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Holiday Gift Guide | For the Kids

I love Christmas. I love buying presents for the people in my house but buying presents for everyone else gives me so much anxiety that I never enjoy myself as much as I do when I’m buying for Husband and B. Buying for my kid has to be my absolute favourite thing ever. Not just for Christmas either. I do declare that I am amazing kid gift giver. Here are my top picks — most of which I have already gifted my amazing kid.

1 & 2. Calvin Klein Jeans Cropped Top & the matching Logo Mini Skirt: B. gets clothes in her santa sack every year and this is the first year that she’s been very specific about the clothes she wants. I’ve been very mindful about buying clothes that fit who she is rather than things I like and I feel like this Calvin Klein combo is very her.

3. Gemini Necklace — I always lean toward buying B. jewellery. She loves it and it feels very special whenever she unwraps a piece from me.

4. A Fabulous Storage Stool — I purchased a similar stool for B. so she could stash her lollies and snacks inside it. She keeps hers in her study. Perfect for any kid but I actually got the idea from Claudia when B. and I watched the first season of The Babysitter’s Club on Netflix together. Make sure to stock the inside with their favourite snacks to complete the gift.

5. Your Remarkable Rebels — a personalised book from Wonderbly. You get to pick 3 rebels from an amazing list. Choose from Florence Nightingale, Nelson Mandela, Frida Kahlo, Harriet Tubman and more. Kids get to see themselves in the journey and find courage, faith and self-belief, amongst many other traits, depending on the rebel you pick. You also get to add a dedication to the book for the final perfect finish.

6. Husky Retro Bar Fridge — B. requested a bar fridge for Christmas last year and I jumped at the opportunity to find a cute retro version. I picked the black for her because it’s one of her favourite colours. She has this fridge in her study upstairs meaning she gets to keep her drinks and chocolate cool. The upstairs is entirely her domain with her bedroom, study and bathroom and now she has a fridge to complete it.

7. A Freakin’ Oodie — we picked the otter version for B. and she loved it. Actually, the Oodie is the perfect gift for adults too. Just throw Oodies at everyone and you’re done.

8. Cheaters Monopoly — for the kid who has a meltdown if they have to follow the rules.

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