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Function of Beauty Review

I was introduced to Function of Beauty by ain’t too proud to meg on Instagram. Meg has amazing hair and recommended Function of Beauty and since I’m in a current state of flux with my hair products I decided to give them a go.

First step is to complete their hair quiz. You tell them what your natural hair type is like (choose from straight, wavy, curly, and coily — the latter two have added options here), your hair structure (fine, medium, and coarse), and your scalp moisture (dry, balance, and oily).

Next, tell them your hair goals. You can pick up to five goals from the list of 18 which ranges from anti-frizz to thermal protection. If you’re unsure of what to add make sure to click on the different selections for their individual definitions. Pick your fragrance (I went with peach), your fragrance strength, personalise your bottle with your name (mine says “function of chicken”), and your bottle colours. And that’s your job done. Leave the rest up to Function of Beauty who create your very own personalised products.

I selected: rejuvenate, anti-frizz, replenish hair, strengthen, and volumise. My hair profile is: wavy, fine, and normal. It’s difficult for me to find products that work on my hair. I need products that give volume and don’t weigh my hair down. So let's get started with my multiple wash review shall we?

Wash 1: my hair is naturally really poofy and frizzy. It takes a great shampoo and conditioner for me to not need any hot tools to style after I've washed my hair. These hit the mark here. No styling needed. My hair is bouncy and shiny. I don't feel that heavy texture some volumising shampoo and conditioners leave in my hair. Somehow, my hair has this natural curl to it, emphasising my cut.

Wash 2: I wash my hair every 2nd - 3rd evening. This week I washed my hair on Tuesday night. Come Thursday night and my hair is lifeless and greasy. This wash doesn't feel as transformative as the first one. I also slept with my hair up rather than down so I wake up the next morning with frizz.

Wash 3: ah, this one is much better. As my instructions tell me: I do 2 shampoos. The second one really lathers and feels like it's doing something. I leave my conditioner in while (out of the shower) I do a whole body scrub, shave and pop a face mask on. My hair dries down, without any heat, and while I do have some Hagrid-esque frizz my hair is bouncy and shiny.

Wash 4: in between wash three and this one I have finally been to the hairdresser. My hair has been styled and dyed so all greys are gone. This is my favourite wash so far and, I think, the one that finally puts these products in the repurchase column. My hair is bouncy and full of life. My stupid cow-lick is less noticeable. I have less frizz and more curl. I am a Function of Beauty convert and I couldn't be more pleased.

Your package comes with an information card and some adorable stickers to transform your bottles. Mine are 236ml and cost (with a $10 discount) $74.99 AUD.

Now, I do want to touch on shipping quickly. They claim shipping is free, yet, in order to receive your items in a reasonable time frame (mine took 6 days from order date) you’ll need to pay for shipping (for me, this was $15.99). I guess, though, it wouldn’t be an issue if you’re ordering well in advance — I’d recommend one month just to be safe.

Here’s a quick Function of Beauty rundown:

  • Select from silicone, fragrance and dye free formulas.

  • Products are cruelty free and 100% vegan.

  • Function of Beauty believes in products that work for you which is why you get to select from what your hair needs.

  • Your information card comes with your very own personalised hair regime — how to use your products for your hair type.

  • Function of Beauty no longer cater just to hair care. Create your own body care and skin care to get exactly what you need from your products.

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