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Falling in love with The Bachelor

I definitely judged people who liked The Bachelor… because why? I didn’t get it, kind of saw it as an affront to good relationships everywhere. I also tend to get really protective of how sacred marriage is so I typically view any shows like this, where marriage and forever is the ultimate goal, as making a mockery of good marriages everywhere. And what a fool I was.

The Bachelor is amazing. I recently devoured season 24 of the US Bachelor. I quickly fell in love and I wondered what I could have possibly been thinking this entire time. We meet Pilot Peter. He, apparently, flies in his mini plane everywhere. The girls dress as flight attendants and make fools of themselves. The wrong champagne is popped. I’m hooked. I’m in heaven.

Reality shows, the good ones, make me feel orgasmic pleasure. I do get turned on by fabricated drama. It’s like tame and hilarious porn without having to see flaccid penises and hairless balls. I adore it. My vagina adores it.

Is it weird to despise drama in your real life but get turned on by it on TV? Should I venture into Bachelor in Paradise next?

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