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Every lazy beauty lover needs a beauty fridge

I recently celebrated my thirty-fourth birthday. I devoured a Big Thicc red velvet cookie (warmed up!) and unwrapped my presents. Once of which was a Beauty Fridge Australia beauty fridge. Husband and B. picked out what is known as “The OG Cosmetics & Beauty Fridge” in Pretty Peach.

The fridge has a 4L capacity and is, in all honesty, a complete luxury. I wanted one because I am lazy and for no other reason. My products used to be stored in our kitchen fridge. I never used them. I do my skincare and makeup in my bedroom. My fridge is at the other side of my house and I just never made the effort to walk there.

Luckily, my family listens to what I say (some of the time) and can follow a link sent via text.

There is something so delicious about easy-to-reach chilled facial rollers, facial mists as an exhaustion pick-me-up, my facial and eye rollers (from The Body Shop), and my dge is so cute, so tiny, and so unassuming that it doesn’t deter from the other stuff in our bedroom. Bea, which is what I’ve named my Beauty Fridge, just sits there in all her peachy, glory.

Here’s why you need one:

  1. They have handles! I’m assuming for travel but I can’t quite imagine turning up to a hotel with one of these. I mean, ideally, it would be wonderful to take everywhere but, look, I’m just not that dedicated.

  2. Pick from pink, black, white or coral, whichever suits your style.

  3. They have a removable shelf and there’s a little holder on the inside of the fridge door.

  4. Has cool and warm settings so you can cool your eye masks for that perfect morning pick-me-up and heat towels for that fabulous at-home facial.

I use mine on the cold setting and store my eye mask patches, the Laneige Cream Skin Mist as an exhaustion pick-me-up, my facial and eye rollers (from The Body Shop) and my Elizabeth Arden eye cream. I may be quite lame but I absolutely adore the coolness on my skin, especially in the morning. There's something about applying chilled skincare that feels deliciously extravagant. And, really truly, I just feel that it now encourages me to actually get of bed and get ready for the day.

The beauty fridge is from Australian company, Beauty Fridge Australia. The fridges retail for $129.99 and can be shipped throughout Australia and New Zealand. Buy yours here.

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