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I don’t understand comparisons. Unless it’s saying “I prefer cherries to blueberries.” But I keep seeing these things on social media reminding people not compare themselves to others and to not compare your child to other kids. And I’m like — do people actually do that?

No, seriously…

Because nobody is Jaye Gaff. And nobody is my child. So why would I consider comparing? Do people really still compare their child to others? We, surely, know better now don’t we? Why are we still doing this?

Nobody has lived your life. You don’t have an exact replica so there’s no comparison needed.

And why do you give a fuck if your child walked later than another child? Your child is unique and like no other so… of course, they didn’t walk at the same time. They aren’t the fucking same! It’s ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous.

I actually want to refuse it even happens anymore. I don’t even think it’s confidence. It’s just common sense isn’t it?

My kid walked at 11 months. Am I supposed to be upset that she didn’t walk at 10 months or that she wasn’t as advanced as a baby who just walked right out of the vagina? Am I supposed to care what other children do? I don’t like any kid but my own. Why would I even look at another kid and think of them for more than a fleeting shut the fuck up.

Do we seriously look at other people and think badly about ourselves because their stomach is flatter or they have more money? Sounds rather miserable to me.

Can’t we all realise that comparisons are useless and we’re all perfect in our special ways and that we’re all doing things in the exact way and time frame we were supposed to do them. And just because your butt doesn’t look like their’s — that doesn’t make you better or worse. You’re just different and that’s rather fucking beautiful.

I don’t say this to be judgey and rude, even though I know for sure I often come across that way. I just have this burning desire for everyone to love themselves for exactly who they are and stop giving a shit about everyone else.

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