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An Ice Maker

I love cold water. I will drink no other water. Room temperature is just another way of saying “ass water”. It tastes like ass. I have never eaten ass but, I just know that it tastes like ass. Not mine, obviously, because mine is amazing and the Husband can attest but…really... ass water? No. I can’t possibly.

But I read an article recently where people shared what rich people have and one of those things was an ice-maker in their fridge. And, I have an ice-maker in my fridge. I’m 34 and, surely, I deserve an ice-maker that dispenses two kinds of ice as well as cold water? But does that make me a snob? Am I setting my child up for failure?

Because we’re comfortable and we have a dual income. I recently received another pay rise where I now out-earn my Husband. We’re doing fine. But we still have to budget for things and we only have one car (mostly because I hate cars, they’re expensive and terrible for the environment). And we only have one child. We don’t own a house. Life is pretty good.

But is my child going to grow up spoilt because she has an ice-maker? And what about the mini bar fridge she has upstairs that’s just for her own drinks? Or are ice-makers and mini fridges for kids the norm now? Is my child growing up pretty normally and I’m just some dumb weirdo that worries too much about everything?

Actually, don’t answer that last one - we all know that’s true.

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