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A fitted bra convert

For as long as I have had boobs I have worn whatever bra I could pick up from Target. I was lazy and cheap. Then there was a disastrous attempt at a bra fitting at Bras n Things (the girl fitting me later ran into Husband and a friend at a pub and talked to them about my boobs). I swore off fittings. Decided they were a ploy to get people to spend money on things they didn't need.

As B. has gotten older I've toyed with the idea of getting a proper fitting again. Mostly, because I want to set a good example for her. After a few months of avoidance I decided I'd had enough of my apathy and aching back and booked in for a free 30 minute fitting at DeBra's.

I walked in wearing a 14DD and out wearing a 14G. The lady fitting me made me feel comfortable, listened to me and showed me how to ensure I was wearing my bras properly. She didn't get visibly frustrated when I couldn't tell her what bras I liked -- cute ones -- and didn't punch me in the face when I expressed liking all colours without a clear preference.

I was able to walk out wearing one of my new purchases and instantly felt less hunched. My back hurt less and I finally felt like I was doing my Ralph Lauren teddy shirt justice. For me, $149 is a lot to spend on a t-shirt even if it does have an adorable bear who looks like he's ready for a fabulous yacht party. Yet, spending more than $20 on a bra felt like a step too far. I realised if I was going to a) tell B. she needs to get properly fitted and invest in good support and b) continue to buy "expensive" clothes then I should be ensuring I have the proper bra.

Now, I'm not here to force anyone to go to DeBra's (although their selection and the experience they give is wonderful) but I do think a reminder to get properly fitted is needed. If you are like me -- lazy and annoyed at spending money on underwear -- you need to snap out of it, book a fitting at a place you trust and finally find a bra that makes you feel comfortable.

I am ashamed to say I spent so long thinking I was a DD. Thinking that "comfortable enough" was okay. It's not. But I will say, I still wear cheap boyleg underwear. I find comfort in the animal prints, the elastic that gives out way too quickly and the holes that appear after the first wash. Yes, there's something soothing about spending $3 at BigW on a cute pair of undies. I always purchase a size too big so it never feels like I'm wearing anything at all. Perhaps, properly fitting and cute knickers will be next on my list of adulting things I eventually decide to tick off. Or not...

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