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It's recently come to my attention that B. and I are really quite similar in more ways than I ever knew. It wasn't until a friend told me that B. had informed her watching a movie without popcorn is "illegal" that I realised she has picked up so many things I say and do. Personally, I believe that the majority of things I've taught B, and that she's taught me, are pretty marvelous so, clearly, I had to share -- life advice from me & b.

1. Watching a movie without popcorn is {or should be} illegal. And you can't eat plain popcorn. That's stupid.
2. Having McDonald's for breakfast and McDonald's for dinner on the same day {while not recommended} is not the same thing and, therefore, is fine.
3. Having snuggles is part of getting ready for the day. Make time it for it.
4. Nutella in a jar with your very own personalised spoon is essential to life. Get some.
5. Bed is delicious. You need to respect your bed. Talk to it. Tell it you love it. Give it a hug every day.

Of course, there's plenty of other things that have obviously escaped my mind when most needed. But there's one more and it's the lamest, most important of all --

Remember you are kind, you are smart and you are important.

I remind B. of this all the time and, lately, she's taken to reminding me when I'm sad or mad or just because. Man, I love that kid. 

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