just wait...

I've always detested the "just wait" kind of people. 

I love being a mum -- just wait until you have two kids!

I'm tired -- just wait until you become a mother!

I love my Husband -- just wait until you've been married for five years!

You know, those really lovely, fun people to be around. I've always despised them but I've now realised that they were right about one thing and it goes/went a little something like this --

My leg hurts -- just wait until you turn thirty! Then you'll really know what body pain feels like.

And when I heard this I rolled my eyes and thought nothing could really be that different because I've always had issues -- asthma, allergies, sciatica, slipped disc, all the mental health stuff. And I've always been easily susceptible to getting sick. I just assumed that being thirty wouldn't be that different. But I really, truly, think it is. Mostly because I've just recently returned from the doctor to hear of one more fucking issue to add to the list and I blame being thirty.

I don't mind getting older and I'm sick and tired of people making thirty into a big deal but -- I swear that turning that age has made my body even worse than usual. As if bodies have a switch that flicks as soon as you hit this supposed milestone. 

Why is that?

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