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If you could measure your year in wonderful things how would you? Wonderfully touching and sweet? Or stupid? Like, listing, all of the best things you've watched in twenty seventeen? It's pretty obvious if you know me at all that I love watching tv and movies. That's it. When Husband and I first started dating all we ever really did was watched movies or binged tv episode upon episode together and it was my favourite thing ever. It still is. Here's my best of --

Star Wars - The Last Jedi -- it was amazing, everything I wanted bar one very important exclusion {I still can't even talk about it}. Sad and funny. Awesome and frustrating. Porgs are awesome so don't even go there.

Spy -- I know this wasn't released this year but I only discovered it in twenty-seventeen so it counts. It's hilarious and Melissa McCarthy is genius. Enough said.

Get Out -- quite honestly one of the best horror movies I have ever had the pleasure of watching. 

Beauty and the Beast -- I always feel such an extreme sense of joy when I watch live action Disney movies. It's like all my childhood dreams have been realised. I loved it. It made me feel light-headed and giddy in all the best ways.

Happy Death Day -- I can't quite understand why I adored this movie so much but I did. It was just so good. I adored the lead, the story, the humour. All of it.

Big Mouth -- if you haven't watched this on Netflix you're an idiot. It's so funny. So good. Watch it now.

Boss Baby -- I didn't expect to adore this movie so much but I did. It's so rare that I feel a desperate need to buy a copy of movie but I did for this. It's funny, touching and sweet. Loved it.

The Good Place -- Kirsten Bell - check. Ted Danson - check. And wouldn't it be wonderful if we went to a place that had fro-yo shops everywhere after we died?

It -- this is my favourite everything of the year. It was so good. Not scary but really fucking creepy.

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