being mum|i'm a... mum?

The other day I was replying to an email from B. when it hit me, as I was signing off with love mum -- I'm a mother. Of course, I'm not completely mad. I didn't spend the past six and a bit years oblivious to the fact that I got fat and ripped open by a person who maintains she deliberately karate chopped my spine. I clearly knew I was a mum but... signing off that way felt weird for a minute or two.

Love Mum

Wait, what?

Oh... right

I never forget I'm a mum because B. is clearly the best thing in my world but sometimes it hits me at the strangest times and from the strangest things. As if I still feel weird that I'm thirty and my kid will be seven in June of this year. That I'm a mum and someone is still allowing this to happen. I don't know. It's weird. I still don't feel mature enough to be raising a child and certainly not a child with an affinity for sending sweet {and ridiculous} emails to her father and myself.

Because, seriously, who let that happen?

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