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I've always adored school holidays and dreaded those hideous days before school went back. Ironing uniforms. Homework. Waking up early. Ugh. I kind of despise it all but, really, the thing I adore the most is having B. home and all to myself.

 Last week the back to school depression started to hit and I wasn't quite sure I could pull myself out of it. On Wednesday the depression had subsided into exhaustion which made way for fun with B. I finally got to remember just how much fun being at home, just her and I, is. We watched a movie {Trolls}, munched popcorn, played Wii U games, danced around to Go Noodle, had snuggles and, finally, listened to Disney songs while crafting. 

When life is busy I forget just how much fun being a mum is. I forget just how much I live for quiet days with nothing to do and nowhere to be. 

I think when you have depression and anxiety it's easy to tell yourself that everything is going to be horrible and that you're a terrible parent. And that morphs into believing that staying at home with nothing to do is the worst kind of torture but it's not. I'm thankful to have rediscovered my love for that stay-at-home goodness with my favourite person.

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