guest post|five fun facts about parenting

So you're a new parent and like all new parents you just aren't sure what you should expect. Have no fear, we're here to help you find out some of the craziest facts about being a parent that are out there. Some of these you might have heard before, others you're going to thank us now, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

1. Breast milk can be kept good for a while

If you are a new parent, you've likely had a situation where you took a bottle of breast milk out, put it on the counter, then the baby cried or the dog needed to go out and you forget it was there. The good news is that breast milk can sit out longer than you probably thought. The liquid has built-in anti-bodies that can make the milk have better-staying power than other foods. For the most part, breast milk can sit at room temperature for 6-8 hours before you have to worry about it going bad. That can be a lifesaver for a couple that has to pump

2. Sugar doesn't make kids hyper

This is one of those myths that has hung around for a long time. It's likely had such a shelf life because it's one of those myths that people claim to see for themselves all the time. The fact of the matter is that there is no proof that giving your kids a little sugar is going to make them hyper. There are obvious drawbacks to giving your kid too much sugar but acting out of control isn't one of them. If they're acting like that, look for other reasons.

3. "Because I said so" is a reasonable way to end an argument

Parents often feel a bit silly when they are in an argument with a child and they drop the "because I said so" card. The fact of the matter is that when you are arguing with very young children, this is actually encouraged. You need to show your child where their boundaries lie. This is obviously not the ideal situation when the kids are older, but when young ones need to know when and what to argue about, this approach ends arguments quickly.

4. Food choices change around sleeping babies

A baby sleeping is one of God's little gift to an exhausted parent. Because you aren't going to want to wake a sleeping baby, there are going to be times when you're going to make sure you aren't eating something that makes a crunching noise. Other times you're going to want and make sure you aren't crackling the wrapper. You'll find the food that makes very little noise.

5. There's no such thing as spoiling a baby when they cry

When you are talking about a newborn, there isn't a way to spoil a child. If you pick up the kid when it is crying, then it needed to be picked up. Small babies, in fact, need to know they can trust their parents to come get them when they cry.

This was a guest post from Erica Johnson. All opinions and ideas expressed here are her own. For more from Erica you can find her at Inner Parents.


watch|the marvelous mrs maisel

Whatever you're doing you need to stop it as soon as possible and settle down to watch the most magnificent show I've ever happened upon -- The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. Maisel comes from the genius duo of Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino {Gilmore Girls & Bunheads} and it's simply wonderful. 

Rachel Brosnahan plays the WASP-y Miriam "Midge" Maisel. She's a spitfire, quick and funny. The show is set in 50's New York -- the sets, the costumes, the hair! I adore it all. I've rarely been so enamoured with a show so quickly but as soon as we see Maisel in her wedding dress offending a Rabbi I was in love. 

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel has aired an entirely marvelous first season and I need you all, so desperately, to watch every single episode right this second.


watch|how to measure a year

If you could measure your year in wonderful things how would you? Wonderfully touching and sweet? Or stupid? Like, listing, all of the best things you've watched in twenty seventeen? It's pretty obvious if you know me at all that I love watching tv and movies. That's it. When Husband and I first started dating all we ever really did was watched movies or binged tv episode upon episode together and it was my favourite thing ever. It still is. Here's my best of --

Star Wars - The Last Jedi -- it was amazing, everything I wanted bar one very important exclusion {I still can't even talk about it}. Sad and funny. Awesome and frustrating. Porgs are awesome so don't even go there.

Spy -- I know this wasn't released this year but I only discovered it in twenty-seventeen so it counts. It's hilarious and Melissa McCarthy is genius. Enough said.

Get Out -- quite honestly one of the best horror movies I have ever had the pleasure of watching. 

Beauty and the Beast -- I always feel such an extreme sense of joy when I watch live action Disney movies. It's like all my childhood dreams have been realised. I loved it. It made me feel light-headed and giddy in all the best ways.

Happy Death Day -- I can't quite understand why I adored this movie so much but I did. It was just so good. I adored the lead, the story, the humour. All of it.

Big Mouth -- if you haven't watched this on Netflix you're an idiot. It's so funny. So good. Watch it now.

Boss Baby -- I didn't expect to adore this movie so much but I did. It's so rare that I feel a desperate need to buy a copy of movie but I did for this. It's funny, touching and sweet. Loved it.

The Good Place -- Kirsten Bell - check. Ted Danson - check. And wouldn't it be wonderful if we went to a place that had fro-yo shops everywhere after we died?

It -- this is my favourite everything of the year. It was so good. Not scary but really fucking creepy.


being mum|the bowling meltdown

So, here's the stupidest thing -- yesterday I had a complete and utter meltdown. At bowling. With my family. About a photo. 

I can tend to hold on to some childhood things more than others. And the things that always get to me are ludicrous. Like the times where I was forced into taking photos and smiling and punished when I didn't. So... like with all my parenting I take the road my parents didn't take. Also known as the good road. Except, sometimes, I let all my fears about Bailey ever feeling like I did get to me. And yesterday they got to me which is why I burst into tears in a bowling alley and shuffled in my bowling shoes to the bathroom to cry heavily on a toilet.

True story.

I don't ever pretend to be a perfect parent but I do believe that I'm a good one. I'm also an over thinker. So when my child refuses to smile for a family photo I freak out. But it's not just about the smile because any, and all, crazy faces are fine too. It's mostly the deadpan, painful, look that gets to me. And it does. It just hurts me. And so I cry and then she cries. And I legitimately sat in a chair with my arms crossed refusing to bowl until I realised I could take my frustrations out on the ball. So then I did that.

I don't quite know why Bailey not wanting to take a photo upsets me so much. It's not like she never takes photos with me but... I get scared. I worry she doesn't love me. I fear she's living a crappy life with me around. So I cry and I pout and I complain which is terribly mature of me and totally makes me a great parent. And it's strange because I'm not a crier and I'm certainly not a public crier. So, crying at bloody bowling seems to be the most ridiculous thing I've done {except for that time I ordered a brownie sundae with no ice cream and couldn't figure out why the server was looking at me weird}.

Of course, as B. and I do, we made up, hugged, apologised and came to a solution to suit the both of us -- one photo and she gets to pick the silly face we make. She promises to not look constipated and/or on the verge of murdering me in my sleep and I promise to not be such a stupid idiot. And then, maybe, we blamed the whole thing on the Husband and finished the remaining eight rounds as if a thirty year old woman hadn't just had a fucking meltdown in bowling shoes.