my kids gift guide

I like to think that I'm a pretty good shopper, for kids especially. Or maybe, I'm only good at buying for B. and/or going overboard. Either way, I do enjoy buying kids gifts. And, obviously, they need a December 1 gift, a gift the day before an event with Santa, gifts on Christmas Eve and then, come Christmas Day -- presents under the tree and stuffed in a personalised stocking and Santa sack. Here are my top picks --

All the Things I Wish from Papier -- I know I've featured this here before but I can't stop obsessing over this book. I plan to give this to B. just from me and, considering I've teared up just reading it to myself, I can't wait to share this with her.

Cute 2018 Weekly Small Diary from Kikki K -- B. has recently become obsessed with planning and I think for organised obsessed kids an adorable diary like this is perfection.

Pikachu Swimsuit from Little Gecko -- this is by far one of my favourite picks for B. The smaller sizes are unavailable but if you have/know a kid who loves Pokemon and is a size eight or up these are needed.

Girls Bon Bon 4 Pack of Undies from Cotton On Kids -- a cute little stocking filler. They also have a boys set {find it here} and, weirdly, or maybe not, B. adores being gifted underwear so it's a perfect essential but much loved gift. 

Large Bow Sparkle Headband from Cotton On Kids -- I actually picked this up for B. to go with her Breakfast with Santa outfit/present. The kid loves headbands and this is as close as I'm going to get to those hideously huge bows that swallow kids heads.

Nintendo DS 2XL Pokeball Edition -- because who doesn't need this?

Pokemon Ultra Sun -- I'm usually the gift buyer/thinker/doer but for things like this I leave it up to the Husband. Apparently, this is the necessary game. I don't know. But, look, I like to shop to a theme so when I'm buying a Pokemon DS I need to buy a Pokemon game to go with it. Both are necessary. 

Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Ride from Toys R Us -- adorable animals and outfits and the perfect Christmas Eve gift.

Snowman Bubbleroon from Lush -- B. dips in between liking baths but when she does she adores trips to Lush to pick something like this. She's picked out bath products like this one as a gift for her toys this year {yeah we're those people}. I think the snowman makes an adorable stocking filler.

Personalised Nutella Spoon from handstampeddelights on Etsy -- if you know anyone that loves eating Nutella straight from the jar {necessary} then they obviously need a special spoon with their name on it. B. needs this. Heck, I need this. Everyone needs this. It's also my dream in life to keep the pantry always stocked with labelled Nutella -- spreading Nutella and eating Nutella. I dream big people. Big. 


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