friday five|christmas must-haves

My top Christmas gifting picks --

one. your very own copy of Deadpool -- because watching everything digitally is too much for me. I love watching/buying DVD's and if Deadpool isn't needed in everyone's home I don't know what is.

two. this Kaju Candy Dancing Clown Brooch -- as I've discussed before I am not a fan of the original It but the remake is everything I love in this world and then some. I need this brooch desperately in my life. It's currently sold out but you can get emailed when it's back in stock.

three. this Stila Kitten Karma Liquid Eye Shadow -- a perfect stocking filler and my favourite eye shadow shade of all time. 

four. these amazing sneakers from Wittner -- because who doesn't need hand embroidered sneakers under their Christmas tree?

five. Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug -- if you know me you'll know all I've dreamed of for years on end is an actual Chip mug and then I found it and I screamed. And then I realised it was sold out so I cried. And then it came back in stock and I screamed some more. I need this more than I've ever needed anything in my life.   

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