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I am officially on the hunt for Christmas presents. I know it's ridiculously early for some and anxiously late for others. Whichever side you fall on, even if you're right in the middle, I'm currently all consumed with Christmas presents right now. One of my favourite things to buy for B. is books. She adores them and I adore buying and sharing them with her. Here's 4 picks I'm hoping to place under our tree for my favourite person --

one. All the Things I Wish for you Bailey|from Papier -- a personalised treasure with the sweetest messages inside. 
two. Pig the Star|Aaron Blabey -- we all love Pig's adventures in this house and I'm looking forward to sharing his fifth take with B. come Christmas. 
three. Don't Spew in Your Spacesuit|Tim Miller & Matt Stanton -- rest assured, if Matt Stanton is involved you need this book. B. adores a good gross story {especially if it involves poop} so I imagine a spew based story would be right up her alley.
four. Freddie's Adventures in Petlandia|from Petlandia -- another personalised treasure that features your beloved pet. I went through this story with Fred and Bum Bum and the story just fits Freddie. It's adorable, sweet and wonderfully heartwarming.  

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