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Currently obsessed with, can't stop thinking about, the following --

The Good Place -- I'm not sure why I held off watching this so long {I do adore Kristen Bell} but it's just so good. So good. Forkin' funny. You can watch Season One and Season Two as it airs on Netflix.

It -- oh my goodness. I never liked the original. Too long and boring. Not scary. But this -- Husband and I watched on my birthday -- was amazing. I always find it fascinating when an actor can transform so wonderfully and that smile. I love it.

Unreal -- I watched season one but never managed to get started on season two until now and I'm hooked. I never watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette but this show makes me happy and feels entirely believable.

I've always been a massive fan of horror but have never taken it seriously which is probably why I find such joy in slasher films such as this. Happy Death Day is one of the best horror films I've seen recently. Funny and fun. Sure, the killer is easily guessed but in a nice, not annoyingly pathetic kind of way. It's rather sweet and touching in places and provides a few good jumps. It's in cinemas now. Go watch it. 

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