friday five|i love

Random birthday gifts like a giant bag of my favourite red frogs {must be the big ones} that make me feel ridiculously loved.

Dressing to a theme -- a birthday needs a party treats dress {find here}, dinner near the beach clearly needs a fisherman dress, a trip to the zoo needs an animal dress and Harry Potter earrings {just in case I can talk to snakes} and a trip on a boat obviously needs a sailboat dress. I don't know why but being dumb makes me happy. 

Muggle Studies mug and some reading for this {sob} Muggle -- The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I do adore a Harry Potter gift {or fifty} for turning thirty. 

I saw this print at a little market and it instantly reminded me of B. and I so I had to get it. One would think that I'd think to remember the artist to note here but, nope, I'm really clever like that. 

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