did you finish...?

I've come to the conclusion that the phrase "did you finish?" is the worst one any human being can utter. Worse than, if you can believe it, "we need to talk". I just... I can't. Why do people say this? Or, rather, why on earth do I say this?

I'd always envisioned that once you were with your partner for a long period of time there wouldn't be a need for it. After all, I never uttered those annoying three words when I was with anyone else. Granted, I didn't tend to care whether they finished so long as I did. So why, eleven and a bit years in {or is it twelve?} am I still saying it to my Husband?

Lets just leave aside the fact that I care about his satisfaction I just... shouldn't I know him well enough to know when he's done? And even when I am 99.9% sure that he finished I still ask him. Mostly, because I grew up believing that no man would stay with me unless he was sexually satisfied but, also, because that scene in that semi sex-less Josh Hartnett movie scarred me for life. 

So, my Husband, still has to hear those cringe-worthy three words multiple times in a week/month and I feel bad for the guy and, also, for my ears. I detest the phrase as much as people detest moist

I want to stop asking.

I need to stop asking.

But I can't stop asking.

And, also, I'm scared that if I do stop I'll become one of those weirdos who examines semen content and that's just weird. 

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