the conditioner realisation

I have recently come to the smartest conclusion in the entire world. I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to beat this. Ok, here it is --

You know how they always have small bottles of shampoo and conditioner and then only a big bottle of conditioner? Not all companies do this but many do. And for so long I could never understand why and I refused to buy the small bottle of shampoo and big bottle of conditioner because they weren't equal and that messes with my head. I like to have my things lined up perfectly and I just couldn't cope. It also just made no sense whatsoever because... why?

And then it hit me.... conditioner always runs out before shampoo so, of course, buying a small bottle of the latter and big one of the former makes perfect sense. I don't know why I never noticed it before. I don't want to think that I'm really dumb but...

So, has everybody been doing this the entire time? Or have I really, truly, discovered the perfect way to stop everyone shouting at the never ending bottle of shampoo in the shower?

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