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It's become a thing now where Husband and I will randomly say a famous persons name with no other context involved. Because we're married and can, annoyingly, oftentimes, finish each others sentences we know exactly to what the name is referring -- somebody we want to bang. Our free pass list because, sure... We've been at it for months and there seems to be no sign of the list making halting. Of course, we are completely aware that none of the banging will ever take place but, still, it's rather fun isn't it? My to-do list --

Denzel Washington

Dustin Hoffman

Daniel Radcliffe {but only as Harry Potter}

Tom Selleck {but only as Richard in Friends}

Tom Hanks {or I could marry him, whatever...}

Colin Hanks {if Tom's not available}

Nigella Lawson

Hugh Grant {just for the accent}

Colin Firth {for the accent and face}

Liam Neeson {but only if he's really angry}

David Tennant {ditto on the anger}

Seth Meyers {all day every day but I'd really love it if he could say "and now, for a closer look" as he gets naked}.


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