friday five|movies i love

Husband and I have been on a bit of a movie kick lately, favouring films over trying to get through the new season of Orange is the New Black {all that rage -- I just can't do it}. Here's some current favourites --

The Brass Teapot -- I think we first happened upon this when Foxtel was still a thing. The premise sounds ridiculous, and it is, but it's also really good. So there's a teapot that spews out money when it's around pain and the movie follows the lengths people will go to for cash. It's weird, funny and, ultimately, sweet.

Horns -- because I love me some Daniel Radcliffe and, apparently, Husband and I are somewhat obsessed with Juno Temple. Based on the weirdest concept -- growing horns that lead everyone around you to become brutally honest so you can find the person who killed the love of your life -- with an entirely obvious killer, wonderful soundtrack and really fucking creepy ending. It's a great film, funny and fabulously weird.

Boss Baby -- so, when, B. saw a trailer for this my stupid helicopter instincts kicked in and I decided this was entirely inappropriate. Except I kept seeing funny moments from the film and hearing all kinds of wonderful things and, so, one Sunday we rented a copy and curled up into bed, the three of us, with snacks and watched. It was funny, sweet and adorable and the ending felt so perfect for our little family that I just want to watch it again and again.

Jawbreaker -- I loved this as a teen but hadn't watched it in so long. And, apparently, it's one of those movies that are hard to come across when you get the itch to watch. It's hilarious, ridiculous and fabulous. It's also still the only reason I haven't touched a jawbreaker in years. 

The Princess Diaries -- except I still can't decide if I like the first or second one better. Julie Andrews. I don't need to say anything more than that.

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