friday five|things i love

Five things that are currently making me ridiculously chuffed with life --

Matching Ronald McDonald socks. Gosh, I adore my family.

Mumma & B. boots. Perfectly matching gold glitter detail.

B. has caught the board game bug and I am so bloody grateful because I do adore a good board game. Husband and I are more "stay in and play a board game" people so the fact that B. loves them too makes my life.
Husband recently gifted me this Lumberjack Brooch from Erstwilder so I, of course, had to rush out the next day and pick up this woodland-y dress from Dangerfield to wear with. Love the details combined.

 Sometimes you meet someone who is the best person in the whole entire world {save for B. of course}. Someone who just gets you and thinks all those parts of yourself, that everyone else seems to hate, are really wonderful {or at least pretends to}. Someone who spends time making this for you and finally makes you realise {even for just a second or so} that you are worth something. That. This.

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