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I get distracted very easily when shopping. This may confuse Husband because I tend to wander but, for me, this is always a good thing because I find myself making marvellous discoveries. Case in point, this Vanillary Solid Perfume from Lush. It combines the most divine scent in easy packaging for travel. This is the kind of product you can throw in your bag without worry. The scent is also a wonderful mix of sweetness and comfort to transport you to a freshly baked treat wonderland.

Lush describes it as a sweet, yet sophisticated vanilla fragrance. With a blend of Fair Trade vanilla absolute with tonka and a hint of jasmine for a reassuring, powdered caramel perfume. Vanillary settles on the skin for a long-lasting warmth that's difficult to resist.

Sometimes, I find vanilla scented products too sweet but Vanillary has some depth to it. It's not strong, nor sickly, and is wonderfully easy to apply. The perfume is, of course, solid but it melts into your fingertips and glides easily onto your skin. At first sniff it reminds me of vanilla beans but as I wear it throughout the day I'm reminded of homemade chocolate chip cookies {minus the chocolate of course}. 

Vanillary Solid Perfume retails for $9.95 and comes in a compact 12 g tub that's easy to open and close. You can purchase it online and in store. 

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