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Recently we made the two hour trek to the Hunter Valley Gardens to see some snow and it was one of my most favourite days spent with Husband and B. 

Before I get started on the epic raving I do feel I need to say this -- the pictures on their website may make you disappointed when you see the real thing. It's not as snowy and lush as they'd lead you to believe. And, I must admit, after we'd handed over $82 {the price of entry for 2 adults and 1 child} and walked up through the gardens we wanted to walk right back out again. But -- see aforementioned long drive and large entry fee -- we persevered and after a rocky start I can honestly say it was amazing and as soon as we left we wanted to go back again. 

Your ticket will include entry to the majority of the attractions including the Ice Toboggan, Ice Skating & the snow areas. You also get Face Painting, the Snowball Challenge, Inflatables and Arcade Alley included in that entry cost. The rest of the stuff -- Swing Chairs, Carousel, Ferris Wheel and HVG Super Slide all need to be purchased separately. You can buy tokens for $2 each or unlimited ride wristbands for $15. We went with the bands which ended up being the better deal, however, you need to buy one each even if the adults are switching turns {why do places do this?}

This is my favourite photo of the day/night. Husband and B. were the only ones brave enough to go down the toboggan. B. loved it so much that she insisted on multiple rides. I, of course, was too scared but I did conquer my fear of heights and, you know, death, and braved the Super Slide with B.

& I know I whined about the "snow" earlier but once you get used to the idea that it's not going to be anything like you imagined {or they pictured} it really is stupidly fun. 

Also, can we discuss the food? Because that's my favourite part of any place we go. I've been dreaming of that cheese kransky hot dog from Cook'n Kranskys since we left and am trying to decide if it's worth it to go back just for the deliciousness {I think, yes}. Aside from hot dogs, there's tons of places to eat and plenty of tables & chairs to scoff at. I recommend skipping the woodfire pizza place and loading up on hot dogs and loaded fries. So good.

Snow Time in the Hunter Valley Gardens is currently on until the 16th of July and I highly recommend you grab everyone you love and go there today.

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