a love letter to cadbury coconut rough

As life tends to go, the things I adore the most are notoriously hard to come across. This can be said for Allens Jubes, Natural Confectionary Unbearables and, my beloved, Cadbury Coconut Rough. Also, don't even get me started on Starburst Jelly Beans. Where on earth did they go? I tend to place a lot of importance on food and while I can't go a day without munching on some carrot sticks I also find a great deal of joy in all the things touted as "bad for you".

If you were to ask me what my favourite chocolate is {because why wouldn't you?} I would not hesitate to say -- Cadbury Coconut Rough. It is my favourite thing in the whole entire world {sorry B.} and it is notoriously hard to come by. In fact, I think they've stopped making it. I can't find it anywhere. Except, the other night, I happened upon a massive stack of it in a corner store and happily handed over the $5.50 to get my hands on a block. It is so good.

Why can nobody make coconut chocolate that is as divine as Cadbury's version?

Why have they stopped making it?

Or, if they haven't, why have easily accessible shops stopped selling it?

Now, I know I despise things that are well liked. Avocado toast. Being a normal functioning human. So, the limited availability bodes well for my dumbness but, look, it's too hard to find and it's too good to search for. I need it when I need it and not a moment later. I don't mind being another sheep if it means I can have Cadbury Coconut Rough whenever I damn well please. That's fine. I just need to be able to go my local supermarket and see it well stocked and reasonably priced. That's all.

Look, I don't ask for much in life but, listen Cadbury, my love for coconut is not something that is a fickle whim okay? I'll love coconut until the day I die so, please, don't make your Coconut Rough one of those flavours that comes and goes. Why would you do that? Why? Why? 

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