on travel

I think there's something wrong with me -- I have no desire to travel. None. Help. Or don't. I don't know. Sure, I have a fear of flying and a fear of travelling on a train and a bus and long distances in a car. I also have a fear of leaving my house. So there's that...

But, also, I've just never had an urge to see places. When I met Husband he would tell me that he wanted to visit museums in far away places and I would roll my eyes and sigh and tell him to Google it instead. And, sure, I'm a brat but that's also honestly how I feel.

I don't really think I'm boring but, gosh, I just have no desire to go see anything. For a minute there I wanted to visit New York but that quickly passed. Why would I want to be on a plane for that long? I despise confined places and I hate people. Why would I want to go somewhere tourists go? I hate things other people like. And I like my bed.

And, seriously, when you travel you don't get to use your own bed. I don't know if anyone has really thought about that but... what about your bed? The poor thing probably misses you a lot you selfish douche.

So, sure, a lot of it is the anxiety factor but, also, there's the pressure of holidays. Of not just relaxing. Of seeing things. And, damn it, I don't want to. When Husband and I went to Fiji for our honeymoon it was lovely {aside from the getting there and getting home part -- oh, and the daily panic attacks about missing Minnie and my comfort at home}. There was a bloody ten-layer bed for deliciousness sake! We had mimosas with our buffet breakfast every morning and then went back to the bed, oh that bed, for naps and...other stuff. We lazed by the pool and watched movies in bed and purchased a picnic lunch, hopped on a tiny boat and went to a neighbouring island-thingy. There was wine and shopping and swimming and this really divine milkshake. And ribs! It was lovely. But...

It wasn't home. And people kept asking us what we did and seemed weirdly miffed that we watched movies in bed at night instead of going out and seeing things. As if I would want to talk to people and go to strange places. As if that's a thing that could ever happen in my life. 

I don't know...

And while I would never say no to an all expenses paid trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter the rest of all the world doesn't seem that great to me. 

Am I missing something? An integral section of my brain that makes travelling and sight seeing a thing that seems enjoyable? Is there something wrong with me? Am I a robot?

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