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Recently, Bailey and I were having one of our regular disagreements about who loves snuggles with the other more. I am a terribly mature parent so this is a regular occurrence in our house. We regularly squabble over who loves who more, who is cuter and who is more ridiculous because, look, if you aren't acting the same age as your child what are you doing with your life?

It was during our most recent squabble that I had my proudest parenting moment. You may think that seeing B. take her first steps at 11 months or kicking ass at school would top the list but, meh, tons of kids do that. The fact that B. has always been genuinely kind has always been the thing I'm most proud of but even this moment tops kindness. Actually, it creeps up and tackles kindness and when it's done it throws kindness in the bin. It's just that amazing.

So, back to the squabble...

B. says "I love snuggles with you a million"

& I say "I love snuggles with you a million trillion billion" {because maths genius}

& she says "a million trillion billion ma-jillion"

& I say "a million trillion billion times infinity and then infinity again"

& Bailey tops everything everyone has ever done in the history of everything with --

I love snuggles with you times potato.

I can't...

My child is the smartest person I have ever known.

Stop worshiping Beyonce right this second. 

Of course, if you don't really know us you won't really get that potato thing but, suffice, to say potato is the thing in our house. I say potato when I'm at loss for words. I hate my name so much that I'd rather be called potato. I frequently say blah blah potato and so on and so forth. And, now, *pause for tears*, my child has created the greatest measure of love for anything with -- potato.

I don't think I could ever be more proud. 


In fact, no person could ever reach anything more amazing than what B. has accomplished so we should all stop trying.


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