friday five|the best shows to re-watch

I am a massive TV person. Massive. In fact. I could, happily spend my whole life lazing about watching TV. It's my hobby. There are some shows I can watch in their entirety and rest happy knowing I enjoyed them but never, really, get the inkling to watch them over and over again. It's not that they weren't good, they were, they just didn't have re-watching material. In other words... they were no Golden Girls and, without further ado, here are the five shows I could re-watch until the end of time --

Golden Girls -- my favourite show of all time. I've written repeatedly about it and as the years go by my love for this hilarious, poignant and sweet show grows. Also, Betty White.

Gilmore Girls -- while I still haven't recovered from the devastation of the revival {apologies to anyone who had to deal with me from November 25 on last year} I still adore the show. I have a decided that Emily is my favourite character. B. and I watch this one together {just like we do for Golden Girls} and watching her dance and sing along to the opening credits makes me adore the Gilmore's even more. 

Gossip Girl -- oh my goodness, it's so trashy and some of the plot inaccuracies are hilariously stupid but... Blair & Chuck. That's all. 
Parks & Recreation -- this show sits on the top of my favourite list along with Golden Girls. B. and I both adore it {her fave is April, mine is Andy}. Most people say that they struggled to get through season one but I adore all the seasons equally. It's just so darn good.

Web Therapy -- before watching this show I always thought of Phoebe when Lisa Kudrow's name came up but after seeing her take on Fiona I just... she's amazing. This show is hilarious and so ridiculous that you can't not fall in love with it. The guest stars are amazing and, also, Gina!


Why is TV just so darn good?

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