friday five|planner lust

I still can't stop obsessing over planner stickers. I remember loving stickers as a kid. I have always loved the idea of scrap booking but have never had the patience. So, planner stickers it is. Five current lusty items --

The Breakfast Club Planner Sticker Kit from Peggy Dalle on Etsy -- after falling deeply in love with the kits from Peggy Dalle with the amazingness that was the Food Junkie kit I know I need another and this breakfast kit is the perfect one for Father's Day because it reminds me of Husband. Amazing.

Pastel Unicorns Weekly Kit from Agnes and Rosie on Etsy -- one of my favourite shops for kits. This unicorn one reminds me of B. {am thinking it's perfect for the week of her Awesome Day} and I am so glad she's revamped her icons. Need.

Family ECHE Stickers from Peacefulmind Designs on Etsy -- I'm loving the ones with just the one adult and the kid for marking B. and mum time.

Staples Kit from GPStickerStudio on Etsy -- I adore this sticker shop but there is something about those vinyl stickers that are only supposed to be used with a permanent Sharpie and still smudge anyway. She's now added new sticker paper, including matte, and I am desperate to give it a go especially with this massive staples kit. Hopefully her revamped paper smudges less and doesn't ruin my spreads.

Constellations Washi from Simply Gilded Co on Etsy -- I feel like Simply Gilded does washi better than anyone {her pink bow washi is divine}. This one reminds me, happily and giddily, of Husband and I and needs to be the next one I add to my collection.

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