friday five|fave planner youtubers

It's been a fair while since I talked about my favourite planner girls on YouTube {see here} so I figured it was high time I did another. Mostly because I've recently discovered some amazing girls that make that planner sticker part of my brain oh so happy. Here's five -- 

Juli Ross -- a recent discovery and someone I quickly became hooked on for her accent alone. She has a wonderful planning style and her videos have this calming effect on my brain. Love her.

Viv Luvstoplan -- I was introduced to Viv from one of The Planner Sophisticate's videos {she's still my absolute fave btw} and I fell in planner love with her over her laugh alone. She got me hooked on memory planning and using my EC in a different way. She's adorable.

PlanningPeep -- one of those planners that are the complete opposite to me but that's what I like most about her videos. She mixes pre with post planning fabulously and she has a way of using cute deco without making her spreads seem too cutesy. 

mandydreams -- I found Mandy's videos after falling head over heels with her planner stickers. She has a wonderful planning style and her voice just allows me to tune out of all the outside noise and just focus on one thing. She's amazing.

STICKWITHMEshop -- just the cutest/sweetest planner person in the whole world. Her own planner stickers are the most adorable things since forever and her voice, planning style and sweet nature have me longing for her weekly PWM videos. 


& since I'm hooked on planner videos {what is so enthralling about watching people put stickers down?} I'd love for you to share some of your favourites!

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