b. takes six

When I first found out I was pregnant, when I first heard B's heartbeat, when I saw her incredibly creepy ultrasound photo, I knew what everything meant, what I was supposed to be here for. I knew that all the hurt I'd experienced was worth it. If I had to go through it all again just to be able to spend an hour with her I would. She is my life. My favourite person in the whole entire world. How I realised that love at first sight actually existed.

Bailey at six, is the most amazing person I have ever known. The funniest, especially when throwing an epic tantrum. She's incredibly kind and thoughtful. Ridiculous in all the ways that I am. She reminds me so much of myself but she's also such an individual, so much her own person, so confident in herself that I am in awe of who she is. I know she's only six, I know that could all change, I know we may not always be as close but for now I am enjoying the ride. Enjoying that the past six years with B. {anxiety, depression, death and sadness aside} have been the easiest six years of my life. I never thought parenting could be so easy, so fun, so awesome. I think that's all down to B. I am so grateful for her.

I am grateful that B. loves bed as much as I do. Loves snuggles, with me. I am grateful that she calls me her best friend. Grateful that I have a child who cups my chin in her hands and tells me I'm perfection.

My incredible child. I love you. 

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