watch|obsessed with mary berry

I first became obsessed with Mary Berry when I watched one season of The Great British Bake Off on Netflix. At first I was enthralled by this contestant who had a name that definitely started with a letter in the alphabet but once he was eliminated {or did he win?} I fell head over heels in love with Mary. She's adorable and her voice takes me to calm, anxiety free, places. I adore every inch of her.

Much to the annoyance of my child, I have currently been binge watching all things Mary on YouTube and feel instantly calmed as soon as I hear her voice. I've also found myself going to Mary when I'm having trouble sleeping and/or am too scared to fall asleep because I succumbed to Silence of the Lambs and Buffalo Bill terrifies me.

Is there anything more wonderfully calming than an English accent, an adorable cheeky streak and divine treats?

Mary Berry is sheer bliss. 

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