friday five|i need...

There aren't many activities that fill me with as much happiness as shopping. Things make me happy. Here's five I need --

new read -- Into the Water by Paula Hawkins -- I wasn't a fan of Girl on the Train. It had so many pieces of a novel that I love but it just felt clumsy and I didn't enjoy it. Still, I'm tempted to give her new venture a try just in case she's figured out how to pull a story together. Hopefully this one lives up to the hype.

planner love -- jaxandpepper anniversary monthly kit -- a kit that can go in any month is a rare find and this one from jaxandpepper on Etsy is simply divine. The fact you get a custom box just adds to the perfection. Hoping to pick this up for my July monthly spread. 

dr. seuss & peter alexander -- currently planning to get the Thing 1 & Thing 2 pj's from here as anniversary gifts for Husband & I because we're a family who love to match.

studs -- marc jacobs ice cream studs -- because who doesn't love ice cream and whimsical studs?

glowy perfection -- Kiehl's Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque -- if a product promises radiance I'm all there. Currently having a bit of a Kiehl's love affair and I can't resist buying everything they have to offer.  

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