friday five|fave mumma moments

It's almost Mother's Day and I'm finding myself becoming a tad sentimental. I've been reminiscing about my time as a mumma to B. {a.k.a the best kid in the world} and I wanted to share a few of my favourite moments spent with her --

Any time we fall asleep cuddled up together. Then and now. I don't know why but I always adored waking up to find that Husband had snapped a pic of us together. This one is my favourite. I remember this day -- exhausted and Husband had told me to go to bed but I wanted to snuggle up with B. instead. I'm sure we were both asleep within minutes but any moment, even sleepy ones, cuddled up with that kid is wonderful.

Watching B. be a flower girl. We went shopping for the dress with the bride. She got ready with the bride and bridal party on the day and rode in the limo with them on the way to the ceremony. I could just see how happy she was the entire day, she couldn't stop smiling and I know she felt ridiculously special. Most of that is down to my friend who just kicked ass and I am so grateful to her for that because I think B. really needed it after a trying few months. I thought she flower girl-d amazingly even if I am completely biased.

As a complete soppy idiot I treasure all those quiet moments especially where I can become the creepiest of creeps and watch my kid sleep. I still can't get over her lips and lashes and her little squishy cheeks.

Celebrating all the birthdays with B. Hers is my favourite to celebrate because she's always grateful and, look, she's my kid and I like to spoil her a stupid amount. She's also at an age, now, where she writes birthday lists and carries around a clipboard planning her birthday and any parties months in advance and if that doesn't sum up me as a kid {except she's a million times cuter} than I don't what does. 

I remember when B. and I were just at home together, just the two of us, for, basically, two years straight and it was amazing. I've always been obsessed with taking photos because I'm annoying like that so B. and I would take photo booth pics on my laptop. Her face in this one gets me every time. I have now, of course, created a photo taking monster in my child and she now insists on photo sessions on my phone on the regular which has made my life.


If someone had told me that motherhood could be this amazing I would never have believed it. So often, you hear of all the hardships of all the sleepless nights and, sure, I make sarcastic comments that some parenting stuff is just so hard {sharing a blanket for one} but, really, it's just the most wonderfully fun experience in the entire world especially when I have a kid who cups my chin in her hands, looks me in the eyes and calls me "precious". 

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