a solemn sort of happy list

You know when you're happy but entirely and utterly miserably depressed? The past few weeks. That. But it occurred to me, as I was happily plodding along folding washing, that there have been a few moments or things {okay, a load of those} that have lifted my spirits in this kind of darkened fog --

one. an adorable hot air balloon pint-sized bag from an even more adorable friend

two. banana tea towels & bath mats 

three. my kid who acts like me in almost every way -- who has, now, planned and laid out the earrings she wants to wear on her birthday

four. the fact that my kid will be six in less than two weeks

five. walking in on my Husband watching My Little Pony all by his lonesome

six. walking in on my Husband eating bacon, sitting perfectly straight, and looking the happiest I ever seen him

seven. snuggles with B. especially in the morning, before school, when Husband is at work and it's just her and I

eight. Miffy pyjamas that speak to exactly who I am -- not a morning person

nine. Harry Potter earrings

ten. the look on my Husband's face when I sing along to Cell Block Tango in the car especially when he knows how much I despise people who pop their gum

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