the converse conundrum

I am someone who doesn't like to wear the same outfit twice in a month. Someone who actively remembers what they wore last Wednesday to make sure they don't wear it the next few Wednesdays following. Sometimes I fail at this because laziness rules supreme in my life but, for the most part, I tread carefully down the non-repeating road. I don't do this for anyone but myself. Nobody actually cares if they see me in the same dress two weeks in a row. For some strange reason I care. Have always cared. Except, it seems, when it comes to one pair of shoes. 

Back in the day when I thought pants were an acceptable form of clothing I used to be a massive Converse fan and then I decided pants were a useless emotion and threw the Converse out too. Then, last year, I decided that Converse needed to happen again, slipped on this pair and have never looked back. 

I can not stop wearing them.

I have a problem.

Help me.

I wear them with everything. Dresses. Skirts. Shorts. Even pants.

They are comfy and they make me feel casual and cool rather than constantly over dressed. I adore them. But I've kind of had enough. I wear them all the time and I'm bored with myself. I have dozens of cute flats that I could be wearing. Pencil flats. Bunny flats. Superhero flats. Bow flats. Spikey flats. All the flats {I've now decided the word "flats" is weird}. But no... a continual loop of the same white slip-on Converse. Day in. Day out. All the damn time. To work. Shopping. Out to eat.

I've tried to shake things up a bit but my head instantly jumps to "ooh I bet my Cons would work with this" and then I slip them on and I feel like something is right in this world. And even though another part of me screams that I've spent so much money on shoes over the years only to, now, look like I only own one pair of slightly scuffed shoes I can't stop. And... I don't know what to do with myself.

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