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Social media advertising is either really wonderful for discovering great shops or really annoying for the bombardment alone. Or both at the same time. I don't know. I'm fickle. I stumbled upon gocase and happily spent a good portion of a Sunday searching through their 6S Plus range and then, having a nervous breakdown when I couldn't decide between a few different favourites. Eventually, my adorable kid came to the rescue with the decree that I had to buy this unicorn pizza case and when a kid who hates pizza {what?!} insists that you need this case you buy the case.

So I did.

Gocase products are made with high quality TPU and apparently have "impeccable printing quality". I've only had my case for a few weeks and the image hasn't scratched or flaked so there's that. The case is basically a condom for your phone minus that icky sticky stuff {why???} with raised rubber edges to protect your screen. I wasn't sure I'd love going from a hard case from Skinnydip {see here} to a soft rubbery one but I'm now a convert. After my last unicorn case snapped *sob* I'm really looking forward to one that won't do the same. So another win. Another plus is that the buttons are really bloody easy to access, press, flick and use and I really bloody love that.

Now... let's be negative for a moment.

Gocase is based in The Netherlands so, of course, shipping is going to take time. I understand that. Fine. But when you get a shipping notification email that clearly states 3-8 business days and you reach 10 business days, log into your account and find that shipping really takes 10-15 business days that's not on. This frustrates me. How? Why? Why would they devastate my self esteem in such a way? I live in Sydney, Australia, and the shipping took 14 bloody business days which is utterly ridiculous and rude.

Of course, now I'm prepared for the shipping time and, yes, I will be ordering again because this Harry Potter Expecto Patronum is needed in my life as is this Han Solo and Leia one because that's Husband and I except he's Leia and I'm Han.  

And, look, aside from the shipping lies I really, honestly, truly, recommend gocase for quirky, fun and affordable phone case condoms. So go buy fifty why don't you?

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