planner love//erin condren v. happy planner

I am a recent Erin Condren convert but before switching to the EC I was happily in Happy Planner land. Now that I'm using the EC -- the neutral vertical -- I can firmly say that I am never going back. There's nothing wrong with the Happy Planner {it's a perfectly wonderful planner} but there are a few things that bring the EC to the top of my planner hierarchy. 

The things I adore about the Erin Condren -- the space between the days/boxes {it just feels cleaner} and the lines underneath the vertical boxes {love the blank space even if it is just for washi}.

The Happy Planner has no spaces between each day and always has decorative elements underneath the boxes. I loved this at first but after some time it gets tedious to try and find washi to cover it and/or match the elements to every spread. I also really dislike the colour in the weekend. This is for every weekend and it gets old. You can also see that the boxes are longer in the Happy Planner and you'd think this is a positive but I found that I fit more in the EC.

The Happy Planner is on rings and every page is removable. I loved this aspect at first but the paper starts to become worn after some time.

The EC is on a coil and only the cover is removable. It takes some getting used to writing on the Wednesday but once you do it's actually really easy.

The Erin Condren is more expensive than the Happy Planner. If we're not including ridiculous Australian mark-ups or Australian shipping the EC is $60+ and the HP is $30+. Both have add-on's that mark the price up. If the EC is too pricey for you I'd highly recommend the HP but, look, the paper on the EC is just better. It feels nicer, it looks nicer and bleeds less. It's worth spending more for the paper quality alone.

Some comparisons --

The EC inside covers have a lined and a blank writing space like a whiteboard. The HP are merely decorative.

The HP has a page before the monthly with space and prompts to write birthdays, goals and other things you're currently loving/watching/etc. The EC has a lined page before each month.

The EC and HP tabs are both laminated and sturdy but the divider pages differ greatly. The HP have card-stock like divider pages with gorgeous designs. The EC has quotes on each. 

The EC comes with a pocket at the back {after the notes pages}. The HP doesn't have any pockets though you can purchase some to add on.

The HP seems to favour floral designs. The EC favours watercolours and asterisks. 


Of course, everyone has different preferences and things they want/crave/need but, personally, the Erin Condren is where my planning heart is at and I ain't ever going back.

*I feel like I should add a disclaimer here that I actually won my Erin Condren in a prize pack. I did not purchase it, however, I do intend to purchase one for 2018.

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