misadventures in parenting/the sucky parenting diaries

I like to think that I'm a good parent. I like it. It's fun. Bailey is the most awesomely adorable kid in the entire world. Blah blah blah. But here's the thing, sometimes I take this fun thing a bit too far. Sometimes I think I'm too immature for my own good. A sucky parenting discussion --

More often than not, when I work late, Bailey stays up so I can tuck her in and sing her goodnight songs. So we let her stay up to nine thirty and I hate it and love it at the exact same time.

Sometimes B. and I put ice cubes down her dad's clothes just for fun.

On Valentine's Day I decided bed time was ridiculous and we had a dance party instead.

I am stupidly sarcastic and can never seem to say something without sarcasm involved and sometimes that devastates Bailey's self esteem. 

One time we went for froyo at nine at night and then B. went hyper and didn't sleep until well after ten.

I forgot that there was so much sex talk in When Harry Met Sally and B. watched it with me.

I may have accidentally on purpose encouraged Bailey to have fights with whipped cream and now she thinks food fights are fun. Oops.

One of Bailey's favourite shows is Parks and Recreation.

Bailey has her own phone. It is only for games and YouTube but... she has her own phone. It doesn't even have the ability to make calls or send texts and only connects to wifi but... she has her own phone.

I sold B's tablet while she was at school and hoped she wouldn't notice. Oops. Sometimes she tells people the story of this day because, duh, she actually noticed. But, look, in my defense, she was becoming the kid who took the tablet with her when she went out to eat and was on it all the time so it had to go {lazy parenting at its finest}. That shit is just not on. So now we have a limit and unless she's sick and immobile she's not allowed too much tech in the day.

I *may* have brought Bailey up with the belief that chocolate heals everything {ps. it actually does}.

I buy Bailey and I matching pyjamas and then we take pictures in the matching pyjamas. She actually loves it though.

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