friday five//to-watch list

Five wonderful things to watch --

13 Reasons Why -- I still feel a bit tender talking about this show because it hit a bit too close to home but that's why you have to watch it. It's not just for teenagers, or someone with a teen or someone with suicidal tendencies. It's for everyone and it's not a badly acted teen show. It's actually really fucking good. It doesn't glorify suicide. It's just... watch it. But be warned. I couldn't sleep for hours after watching the last episode. I stayed in bed crying stupidly heavy tears. It was rough. I don't want to stay too much on the show, and I think by now most people know what it's about, but I will say this -- as someone who has always had this grand idea of just how great killing myself would be this show made me get it. Get just how much it would fucking suck for everyone else involved and I love that.

You need to binge watch it on Netflix right now. I'd recommend tissues and if you're sensitive like me, maybe have a watching buddy on hand.

Big Little Lies -- confession: I couldn't be bothered finishing the book so I went into the show with no fucking idea and it was amazing. And I think that's the best way to go into it. Be clueless why don't you? I know the book and the show differ but my statement still stands. Reese Witherspoon is adorable as always and Nicole Kidman is just amazing. I read somewhere recently that the best parts in the show are the unspoken moments between the women and I agree. There's only 7 episodes and since they've already finished airing you can easily binge them in one go. So go.

Being Mary Jane -- I started watching this show because I adore Gabrielle Union but quickly became hooked to the current news story lines and how wonderfully flawed everyone is. There's currently 4 seasons of amazingness and I highly recommend you watch every single one because they just keep getting better.

The People v. O.J. Simpson -- I haven't finished this yet because it makes me irrationally angry but in the best ways possible. It's wonderfully done and absolutely ridiculous in places and since I never actually followed the case I've got no idea. I texted Husband during the first episode so confused because I had no idea O.J. and Nicole had kids together and since I still live in a naive bubble I kind of refuse to believe that anyone with kids could hurt them like that. On a less serious note I just have to say that "Juice" is the stupidest nickname ever and should never be repeated again.

Fantastic Beasts -- I never did watch this at the cinemas so I waited, not so patiently, for it to be released on DVD and... I loved it. Not as much as Harry Potter {because never} but it was wonderfully funny and actually scary in some places and it felt so amazing to be back in that magical world. I wasn't sure I'd like Eddie Redmayne as Newt but I loved him. Jacob is, of course, the star of the show. Him and the Niffler. I think Fantastic Beasts stands on its own and shouldn't be compared to Harry Potter because it isn't, it can't, it will never be. But it's a Rowling creation so it is, of course, everything you could hope for and then a million other things of pure greatness.

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