friday five|aussie etsy sticker love

By now you know the drill. Sticker obsessed. Blah. Blah. Blah. Sharing my favourite Aussie sticker shops on Etsy --

Fox & Cactus is my favourite Etsy sticker shop. All their stickers are hand drawn and original and that's rather refreshing in this clip art filled world. Their girls are, hands down, the best stickers in the store and, yes, you do need them all. I'm a Rose! Their paper is matte and is deliciously buttery and smooth. Seriously, one of the only Etsy shops where I want to purchase every single thing a million times over. Just divine.

Some cons... their processing and shipping times are excruciatingly long. Longer than the word excruciatingly. All of this is listed in their info but I'm impatient! Another con is their kits, while glorious, lack in icons and a movie marquee -- two things I need desperately in my life.

The Anxious Planner is just sticker perfection. If you sell adorable Harry Potter stickers just know that I love you and one day we will be married. Her stickers are hand drawn and on a wonderful matte paper. They're really bloody cute and processing/shipping is wonderful.

No cons... because when you have a sticker that says "hagrid hair don't care" there is nothing negative to say.

For sticker kit perfection you can't go past Agnes & Rosie. Her kits have everything you need and then some and are perfect to stretch over multiple weeks. Her designs are individual and gorgeous and printed on non-removable matte paper. If you hadn't guessed by now I am actually a matte girl and her kits are just divine to look at. 

Some cons... as mentioned in my review {see here} some of the stickers were raised and a tad worn on the edges {am guessing this happened during shipping} but that's it! So not worth not ordering over.

GP Sticker Studio is another shop where you could just buy it all. Sure, not every kit is my cup of tea but they're all gorgeous. The shop has changed up their paper since my last order so I can't comment on all the newness but, for the most part, every thing they offer is divine and so needed. Their monthly view kits are some of the best out there.

Some cons... stickers don't always stick properly {I have a few that just don't stick down and need to be glued}. The shop isn't exactly contactable. I ordered a mini kit for one sticker alone that wasn't actually in the kit. I contacted the shop and never heard back. Shipping can be iffy and sometimes the writing on the stickers smudge even when you use their recommended pen.

Planner Galaxy is a relatively new find but I'm so glad I happened upon it. Their deco stickers are adorable and, look, any shop with foiled stickers is a win in my book. The font used in the foiled stickers I picked up is divine. 

A con... the sticker paper on the stickers I ordered was cut weirdly. This doesn't affect the stickers at all but, look, I'm picky and I don't like crooked things.


What sticker shops are you loving?

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